Our Past

The area known as Tullamore was initially settled as “Bullock Creek” in 1870. The post office opened under that name on 1st April 1890. It was then renamed “Gobondery”. In 1895 Jim Tully, whose family came from Tullamore in Ireland, built a hotel and called it “Tullies’ Exchange Hotel”. The Kerley family, also from the Tullamore area in Ireland, settled on a nearby property and called it Tullamore Station. The town obtained its name from this property. The post office was officially renamed “Tullamore” in 1895.

At the 2011 census, Tullamore had a population of 211. A population that over the years has fluctuated due to the start, continuation, and then end, of the mining industry. A population that depends on grain crops, and pastoralism (sheep farming, sheep shearing). Hospital staff, Teaching staff, Shop Owners and keepers, Hospitality Workers, other conveniences such as swimming pool, library, etc all add to the everyday occupations. Above all, the people of Tullamore, as a community, uphold their town with solid beliefs, a people who care, warm hearts, strong backs, and many families that date back several generations giving it that image of a unique look, talk and vibe. And now becoming known for that great Irish Festival held at Easter each year, with folks coming from as far as Ireland.

Memorial Park – Remembrance Gateway

The Tullamore community pays tribute to the veterans who chose to live a large part of their lives here and the many veterans at rest in our cemetery. All have played a part in the history and essence of our town and community. We also acknowledge the contribution of those men who were “called up” for National Service.

With the placement of the Remembrance Gateway to Memorial Park the Tullamore community remembers all veterans with gratitude for their contribution to the protection of our country and our way of life.