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Tullamore and it’s community lies with equal portions in the Parkes shire and Lachlan shire, with the town itself on the boundary of Parkes shire. The community population is approximately 680.
The community has all the essential services, such as a Central school, doctor, a brand new Health Services facility with 12 aged care beds,4 acute and 2 A&E Beds.

Agriculture is the main industry for the Tullamore area. In the past the mining of gold and its associated minerals took place in the nearby Fifield area. Magnesite was later mined for many years. In recent times nickel and cobalt deposits have been found, this will become a substantial mine, it is on the property known as Syerston 25 km South west of Tullamore.

The ancestors of the Wiradjuri people occupied the area prior to European settlement. There are many signs of their lifestyle in the area and some of these are within the care of local Wiradjuri groups.

Tullamore area has a substantial area of native vegetation with all the associated native animals, kangaroos, wallabies, emus, echidnas, goannas and snakes. There are also many bird species in the area.

Our History

Tullamore has a rich history and was initially settled as “Bullock Creek” in 1870. The post office opened under that name on 1 April 1890. It was then renamed Gobondery. In 1895 Jim Tully, whose family came from Tullamore in Ireland, built a hotel and called it “Tullie’s Exchange Hotel”.

The Kerley family, also from the Tullamore area in Ireland, settled on a nearby property and called it Tullamore Station. It is believed that the town obtained its name from this property. The post office was officially renamed “Tullamore” in 1895.

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Our Events

During the year Tullamore hosts some great Events including the Tullamore Irish Festival and Tuallmore Show. 

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